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Renee Zellweger appears to be one of those actresses whom people either really like or really don't. That may have something to do with her seemingly permanent squint and pout, both of which are in evidence in My One and Only. But also in evidence is Zellweger's flair for comedy, perhaps her best comedic role since Bridget Jones (the first film and not the sequel, where poor Bridget seemed to have suffered a brain impairment).

Ann Devereaux, Zellweger's character here, also shares Bridget's desire for a significant male other, not so much as a soul mate but as a meal ticket. It's 1952 after all and what is a mother of two teenage sons supposed to do when she takes to the road after finding her band leader husband (Kevin Bacon) in bed with another woman?

One of those sons is George, who will grow up to be George Hamilton, the barely B-grade actor better known for his perennial suntan than his acting chops. Based on Hamilton's memoir, young George (Logan Lerman) narrates this cross-country trip from New York to Los Angeles; he and effete half brother, Robbie (Mark Rendall), at the whim of their mother's success or failure with ex-beaus and potential new husbands along the way.

Richard Loncraine's film is a light, breezy affair, both amusing and entertaining if only mildly so. Those who are fans of Zellweger should be well pleased with her return to form. And for those with a penchant for period costumes or amusing little road movies, you could do a lot worse than My One and Only.

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