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Wog Boy was a box office hit here in 2000 so a sequel was perhaps inevitable, if seemingly without reason. I'm basing that assessment on the sequel alone for I didn't see that first comedy. But that's not why I didn't get (i.e. enjoy) The Kings of Mykonos; I simply didn't find it funny and don't recall laughing once. But I'm guessing plenty of people will see it and enjoy it. To each their own.

Steve Karamitsis (Nick Giannopoulos) and his best bud, Frank (Vince Colossimo), two middle aged men in suspended adolescence with nothing occupying their time but hot women and hotter cars, head for Mykonos, Greece when Steve inherits some beach front property from a deceased uncle.

Of course, it's not as simple as showing up and living the high life. There are various complications – financial and romantic – for Steve, one being Mihali (Alex Dimitriades), the island's entrepreneurial hot shot who owns most of Mykonos and wants Steve's beach too.

Zoe (Zeta Makrypoulia) is the night club singer who Steve falls for but, of course, she is engaged to Mihali. Frank is also having women problems, that is, he hasn't been attracting any. But he sets his sights on breaking the record of 43 women in one month set by the island Lothario, Pierluigi (Kevin Sorbo of TV's Hercules), starting with ice princess, Miss Italy (Cosima Coppola).

There's all manner of other subplots – police corruption, an annual car race, a couple of Germans, a goat and some kind of treasure – which are no doubt intended to be hilarious but prove to be little more than diversions. Then again, that could have been the point: to divert us from the less than amusing script.

One has to wonder why a sequel, which took a decade to make it to the screen, has so many pointless plotlines and so few laughs? There should have been plenty of drafts of the screenplay. But then the audience for this film probably won't mind and one can't really begrudge the Australian film industry a hit, can it? Hmmm.

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