Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hopscotch Films
Opens Boxing Day

A beautifully shot documentary (?), Samsara captures stunning images -- vistas natural and man-made, people, rituals -- from around the world, scored by music but sans dialogue.

Shot over five years and on 70mm (though the marketing for Samsara hasn't been as eager for everyone to know about it like those of The Master were), Ron Fricke's film is a stunning evocation of the natural world and the quite often beautiful constructs of man; the mist covered temples of Thailand are more impressive than any CGI-rendered universe.

But there is also the occasional political point: man's consumption and waste; his exploitation of animals; and the general blindness to the beauty that does surround us.

It's debatable whether or not Samsara is little more than a 100-minute screensaver (it would look just as stunning on Blu-ray as in a cinema), but for those who find themselves in a food-induced Christmas coma this Boxing Day, and not up for the "epic-ness" of either The Hobbit of Les Mis, or colour and noise of Wreck-It-Ralph, it makes for perfectly good meditative viewing.

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