Thursday, 4 April 2013


WARM BODIES is a hilarious genre-bending take on the zombie tale, told through the eyes of a zombie named ‘R’ (Nicholas Hoult). Grunting his way through a post-apocalyptic world with the mindless hunger that plagues the undead, he is full of wonder and longing for the time that must have gone before. When ‘R’ falls for Juliet, a human girl (Australia’s own Teresa Palmer), their romance sets in motion events that may start to transform their entire world. Also starring John Malkovich, Dave Franco and Rob Corrdry.

Thanks to Icon Films, The LennoX Files has 5 double passes to WARM BODIES to give away. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@TheLennoXFiles) for your chance to score tix. Good luck!

WARM BODIES Only at the movies April 11.

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