Tuesday, 24 June 2014


BELLE & SEBASTIAN is based on the much-loved 1965 children’s book which was later adapted into a popular French TV series. Set high in the French Alps during the Second World War, it is the timeless tale of a boy and his dog.

Six-year-old Sebastian lives on the mountainside with a kindly but gruff caretaker and no real family of his own. As such he is left to his own devices and is often found roaming the countryside. Belle is a wild mountain dog who has escaped from her cruel owner. The villagers have mistaken her for a “beast” that has been killing their sheep.

When Sebastian first crosses paths with Belle he must keep their friendship a secret and the two of them form an unshakeable bond. Their adventures take them through the mountains and ultimately they become pivotal in the successful escape of refugees fleeing Nazi Germany for the safety of Switzerland.

BELLE & SEBASTIAN was the second highest grossing French film to be released in France last year and has also captured the hearts and mindS of movie lovers at the Alliance Française French Film Festival earlier this year.

Thanks to Icon Film Distribution, we have double passes to Belle & Sebastian to give away. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@TheLennoXFiles) for your chance to win. Note: Competition will be open to Sydney residents only. Belle & Sebastian will be screening at Dendy Newtown and Dendy Opera Quays.

Only at the movies July 3.

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  1. Best movie I have seen all year. Stunning scenery; simple, sweet story; amazing dog! The French subtitles don't interfere at all - in fact the original language gives the movie both credibility and pathos. Surely the untamed and tamed dog are different animals, but that's forgiven!