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If there is a benefit to the rise of reality TV (and that's a bloody big if), then it must surely be in the discovery of new young talent, both singing and dancing. Australian Idol, and its American forebear, have given us some talented vocalists and So You Think You Can Dance has unearthed some amazing dancers, simultaneously igniting a love of, and appreciation for dance.

Step Up 3 is a lot like So You Think You Can Dance; a succession of dance-offs between a group of young things battling it out to be the best in something called the World Jam. And the dancing is fantastic; it certainly doesn't require 3D to make it pop. .

The plot, which deals with loyalty, betrayal, chasing your dreams and warding off a heartless bank eager to foreclose, could do with an injection of SYTYCD tension (“Dance for your lives!”), for as it stands it's about as enervating as a stroke.

Moose (Adam G. Sevani) a guy who, despite his Fraggle-like voice and appearance, is beginning his first semester at NYU. He's studying engineering but his real love is dance and it's when he falls in with a like minded bunch of street dancers (they're BFAB – born from a boom box) that he becomes swept up in their pursuit of the World Jam title.

Of course, the end result is never in doubt but the dance sequences which pave the way to that denouement are undeniably thrilling; their first round Jam battle taking place in what resembles Thunderdome, another involves the accidental but imaginative use of water. Like great singing, great dancing is impressive to behold and that's the real reason to catch Step Up 3D.

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