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Available on DVD and Blu-ray July 1
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To celebrate the release of Alice in Wonderland to Disney DVD and Blu-ray July 1 2010, Australia’s official Alice in Wonderland DVD Ambassador, Donny Galella, a Sydney based designer of clothes and headwear under his self titled fashion label ‘GALELLA’ (launched in mid 2004), has created 10 Top Hat Tips that will make the Mad Hatter proud.

1. A hat is the ultimate accessory to top off your look. Because of its visibility (clearly seen at eye-level), a great hat can really finish off your outfit and make the strongest statement of all the accessory options. Allow your hat to project your personality and sense of style. Most importantly a hat should frame your face.

2. The basic rule for hats over the seasons is: for Autumn/Winter – your hat should be felt or wool based and for Spring/Summer – straw, sinnamay or fabric based hats. Fascinators and headbands can be worn all year round.

3. There are loads of hat styles, the most popular styles are: pillboxes, cloches, berets, trilbys, turbans, floppy brimmed styles and a fusion style called ‘Hatinators’ (a cross between a hat and a fascinator). If you want a style that will last you forever, you can’t go past the classic elegance of a pillbox style hat. Often worn by the eternally chic Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

4. Choosing a hat style to suit your face shape. If you have a strong angular face (such as Sarah Jessica Parker), try wear rounded style hats. If you have a rounded face (such a Jennifer Hudson), then choose a hat with angular lines or a broad brim such as a trilby. Heart shaped faces suit most style hats, especially styles that sit high on the head. Narrow faces need a full rounded crown, such as a cloche. Long faces (such as Tori Spelling) need some softness, so something feathery would be ideal.

5.Choose a style to bring out your features or detract others. Shorter people can use tall hats (with a tall brim or high feathers) to make them look taller. If you have blue or green eyes, then choosing a hat with peacock feathers for example will highlight your eyes. If like the ‘Red Queen’ if you have a large forehead, then choose a hat with a large brim.

6. Hat colours – keep your hair colour in mind. If you’re a brunette or have black hair, then a dark coloured hat will blend in with your hair and not stand out. To make more of a visual impact try choosing a coloured hat that will stand out.

7. Look after you hats by investing in hat boxes when you store them away. Try filling the hat with tissue paper, as this will help prevent the crown from crushing. A lint brush is a handy tool, to take off the dust.

8. To find the perfect hat: you can buy one from a good department store, a hat shop, get one made by a milliner, vintage shops or have a ‘hat swap’ party with your friends. It’s a great get together for the girls, and you all go home with a new hat. Accessory shops often have seasonal hats that are very affordable.

9. The great ‘Fascinator debate’ – each year I get asked if the fascinator is in vogue. Fascinators are the “L plate” of headwear; they’re great for your first or second race meet. Once you’ve mastered the fascinator try and progress to a hat. It’s better to wear a fascinator, rather than nothing on your head at all.

10. Don’t over accessorise, let your hat do all the talking. When wearing a statement hat, don’t overdo the jewellery and accessories. Definitely don’t pair a hat with a big pair of earrings, the will be way too over the top.

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