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If you've seen the trailer for the latest Adam Sandler vehicle, Grown Ups, then you've more or less seen the film. Like a lot of trailers for comedies, it shows all the “funny” bits, which only leaves you with the barest of storylines to keep you in your seat as you wait for each expected laugh to appear.

Not that the audience I viewed the film with seemed to mind. A mix of reviewers and public (competition winners, perhaps?), there were solid laughs throughout and applause at the end. I'm assuming most of the laughs and all of the applause were from the public (we reviewers don't clap); Adam Sandler fans, no doubt.

I'm not a Sandler fan: he's on my list of funny men I simply don't find funny. But a lot of people do enjoy his brand of comedy and Grown Ups, about a group of childhood friends (played as adults by Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Sandler) who reunite at a lakeside summer house over the Independence Day long weekend, will no doubt find an audience, and wide one given its PG rating. Grown Ups is family friendly with nothing to offend unless you happen to be an old woman, fat or suffer from bunions (or possess an IQ higher than a house brick).

Just what actresses the calibre of Salma Hayek and Maria Bello are doing here amongst the bodily function humour I don't know. As for Steve Buscemi, who has a history of popping up in the occasional Sandler pic, well, character actors need all the high paying gigs they can get.

Adam Sandler doesn't need your money, so don't feel bad for him if you choose to see something else – anything else – this weekend.

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