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Audiences were first introduced to rock star Aldous Snow in the 2008 comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he appeared as the new boyfriend of the titular Sarah, holidaying in Hawaii where her ex-boyfriend (played by Jason Segel, who also wrote that film) also happened to be. Snow, played by a scene-stealing Russell Brand, was on the wagon, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and pursuing spirituality through meditation, yoga and sex (hey, he's a rock star!).

Get Him To The Greek sees Brand reprising the role of Snow, although this time we find the rocker well and truly off the wagon. After a critical drubbing for his most recent album, African Child, and the separation from his partner, pop starlet Jackie Q (a comic turn by Rose Byrne), Snow has been indulging in every vice imaginable.

Record company employee, Aaron Green (Jonah Hill, who was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but plays a different character here), is charged with bringing Snow from London to LA for a 10th anniversary gig at the Greek Amphetheatre. He has 72 hours to get the rock star sober and presentable, for media appearances along the way as well as the concert. Aaron's boss Sergio (a crazy-eyed and surprisingly funny Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs) will accept no excuses.

That's basically it as far as plot is concerned with the film's running time taken up with Snow corrupting and abusing the innocent Aaron (there's a lot of drunken behaviour, usually climaxing with Aaron vomiting) as they make their way to the Greek. And Brand and Hill make for an enjoyable odd couple; Brand has a certain charm but as for his alleged sexual appeal, what's up with that, ladies?

Like a lot of comedies, Get Him To The Greek is perhaps a tad too long, running out of steam before the final credits roll. But for the most part it's a fun walk on the wild side which won't disappoint those fans of the Judd Apatow stable of comedies.

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